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High Quality Plan Sets and Laser Cut Partial Kits for Radio Control Aircraft
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1/4 Scale Culver Dart                                       1/3 Scale Culver Dart                                             1/4 Scale Aeronca LC

1/5 Scale Vickers Jockey Mk. II                 1/6 Scale Piper J-3 Cub                                   1/10 Scale SAAB AJ-37 Viggen                

       Modelcraft Commando                  Plecan Simplex                   Benny Boxcar 108                        Benny Boxcar 72                  


                   Benny Boxcar 47                       36 inch Playboy Senior                   Thunder Bird 45                           Tlush Mite 72                              


        San JosŤ                                             Goldberg Clipper Mk II


Be sure to click on the links and linked images above for extensive build logs for the Commando and all models following it on this page. 

Article on Wing Spar Design with program in MS Excel

The 1/4 scale Dart, 1/4 Scale EDO 47-1965 floats, Commando, Simplex, Playboy, Thunder Bird and
 Boxcar all have laser cut partial kits available cut by Top Notch Products.  Order through this website. 

For information on Top Notch here's a link to their web page:
Top Notch Products Company

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