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The Tlush Mite

Published in the May 1938 Air Trails
Designed by Francis Tlush
Original span 50 inches

Asssembly of the stabilizer.  The trailing edge of the elevator is made as one part.  The center non-moving section will be cut apart after
 construction is complete.The front of the stabilizer rear spar must be filed to allow the aft fin spar to clear, not yet done in this photo.

Sanding to smooth any irregularities.


Place the elevator on the edge of the bench and sand in a trailing edge taper you like.

Assembled and sanded rudder and fin.  Notice that the front fin spar extends below the lowest rib to engage a slot in the stabilizer center plate.

Subfin assembled to fuselage.  The aft fuselage longerons must be filed for clearance where the fin spar extends through.  Fit the fin through and make
sure it is well aligned vertically.  Use the fin spar as a guide to align the sub fin.  Tack the subfin on taking care not to get glue near the fin spar.  
If you are building a removable tail install the 1/64 ply plates on both sides of the subfin.  Temporarily fit the horizontal stabilizer and vertical fin and drill
the hole for the 2-56 bolt that will retain the fin.

A view from below shows a ply plate and 2-56 nut plate that will retain the front of the stabilizer with the removeable tail installation.

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