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High Quality Plan Sets for Radio Control Aircraft
The Tlush Mite

Published in the May 1938 Air Trails
Designed by Francis Tlush
Original span 50 inches

Installing the rear ply doubler.

The preceding two images show the finished center join with the spruce spar doublers sanded to fair with the spars.

The remaining ribs have been installed in the wing center section and the sheeting is being marked off on the bottom surface for trimming to fit.  
In this photo the center fit has already been marked and trimmed, and the outer mark is being made.  Be sure to mark all the needed sheets before
gluing any of them, including the ones that fit in the lower front.  It helps to make identifying marks to keep track of where each sheet fits.

Once the basic wing is assembled, go over all of the joints with a stiff brush and Titebond III glue.  Some like
to thin the glue with water, but it seems to work fine as it comes.  All of the fuselage joins also need this gluing.

Making the wing tips from block balsa.  This wood looks a little rough, it is well aged because it came from a WW II life raft that a friend, Jim Saare, found washed up
 on the shore of San Pablo Bay many years ago, some of which he gifted me.  Patterns are glued to two faces and the parts are then rough cut to shape with a band saw.

The rough cut parts are attached to the tip ribs and a line is drawn more or less equidistant from the upper and lower surfaces.

The end view after final shaping.

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