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The Tlush Mite

Published in the May 1938 Air Trails
Designed by Francis Tlush
Original span 50 inches

Assembling the fuselage frames.  The orange triangles are from a hardware store.  Holes have been drilled in them for T-pins.  The ones near
the vertical leg are drilled at an angle, allowing the pins to cross which locks the triangles down to the ceinling tile covered building board.  
The ply triangles are made by Bob Holman.  Build the area spanned by the wing saddle first, then work to the tail, making sure the fuselage
is straight with the centerline.  Then finish with the fuselage front.


Aft fuselage framing.

Balsa grindings are excellent for strengthening joints.

3/32 balsa side filler and 3/16 balsa fin base installed.

Servo plate installation from the top.  The servos are installed one up and one down, allowing more room for servo arm movement in the narrow fuselage.

From the bottom.

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