Wolfpack 1/48 Northrop T-38A

Before I knew it the fuselage was joined together.  I was expecting fit problems with the belly pan that is under the cockpit but it was not hard to get together
and Tamiya thin cement sealed the seams up fine.  A little bit of Milliput was used under the wing as the lower wing fits into the upper like an insert and after
getting a very nice wing to fuselage fit on the upper wings there were gaps at the outer ends of the lower wing.  I pressed Milliput in and also at a few spots
around the leading edge of the wing around the inlets, scraped off the excess with a #11 blade and wiped of the remainder unwanted filler with a wet
finger and paper towel.  I used a little super glue on the top and nose fuselage seams to get rid of the last of the seam line.
  Yet to be done is some filling and sanding on the aft inlet joints
Wolfpack 1/48 T
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