Wolfpack 1/48 Northrop T-38A

I have started on the cockpit, and find that while fit is generally good, you have to be careful with alignment because a lot of things have few molded edges to fit,
your eyeballs are your friend, or not.  There is one area, as pointed out by Michael Benolkin on ARC, that needs adjustment.  The front instrument panel as molded
forces the glare shield up too high, interfering with the fit of the windscreen.  I removed some material from the lower pedestal, a nub from the left side of
the instrument panel, and thinned down the glare shield where it fits the top of the panel.  I also tapered the back of the panel at the top, and shaped the glare 
shield around the front edges where it meets the fuselage.  I think everything is happy now.  Nothing is glued on these pictures except the seat rails in the tub. 
There is a lot of detail that is nice, rivets and such are quite good, for my taste the panel lines are a little broad but it seems like only Hasegawa and
sometimes Tamiya and Revell/Monogram (on their newer kits) can get that the way I like it.

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