Tamiya 1/48 Lancaster B Mk. I
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It would be nice to say the the fuselage halves went together easily, but that was not the case as it was not possible to get them together without steps in
several locations.  Before assembling the halves, the mating edges were chamfered so that after the initial gluing thin CA could be flowed in along the seam 
to strengthen it.  However, after gluing with Tamiya Extra Thin cement but before the CA was applied the seams were inspected and the stepped areas were 
located.  A long section of the top was sawed along the seam line with a JLC saw and reset.  After that the seam was reglued and the CA was applied, 
followed by taping off the seams and filling the remaining chamfer with Tamiya grey putty.  Next came several sessions of sanding.  Montex masks were 
used, although they were incomplete in a few spots, and in other spots I was not happy with the fit and substituted Tamiya tape.  The turret  internal parts
were painted flat black and gun metal as appropriate.  The nose turret required a little grinding to clear the gun mount.  On the early kits Tamiya reversed
the orientation of the tail gun mounts, so they were re-reversed which required removal of a gusset like part which wasn't in any pictures I could find anyway. 

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