Antares 1/72 Ju 488
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I got a decent picture with three propellers turning, but I will have to work on the air supply to get four.  The problem is that the air tends to shake the model and
even with the ISO setting at 3200 and a .4 second exposure that is a problem.  So I need more light and more air nozzles going.  And I really don't want
to blow this thing off the bench either!   I used two nozzles tonight running off my shop air compressor.  Also you can't put the nozzles too close or
they will be in the picture of course, so it takes a good bit of air.

If anyone notices the aircrew is not visible, well, they are hiding and it is on autopilot!
The model is pretty much done, so here are a bunch of pictures.  Mythical markings from an old Revell Ar-240 sheet, seems plausible
that organization might have upgraded to this.

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