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Chester Chaplaskie's Thunder Bird 45

The forward fuselage with the ply inner sideframes, landing gear bulkhead, and
upper nose plate installed.  They have tabs that lock everything in proper alignment.

Nose plate, 1/2A firewall,, and lower nose plate installed.  All of the short angled balsa framing added.  Some of the nose plate
and upper nose plate will be removed to fir the Cox engine as it is no longer necessary once the nose is assembled.  
The balsa framing is just there to maintain the original look of construction.  The 1/64 ply sheeting at the base of the windshield
is installed.  Note that aft hatch bulkhead is exposed to hold the next section of 1/64 ply upper nose sheeting.

Another view.  The 1/2A firewall is located on the bottom by the slot in the lower nose plate.


Partially assembled wing from the tip end.  The first step is to fabricate the spars.  Sand in the tapered shape on the root ends and then cut them to length.
Next, the ribs are all slipped on to the top spar in their approximate locations.  Locate the upper and lower spars at the lines on the plan at the root end.
  Then place the first root end rib #2 and the most outboard rib, #2A, and tack them to the spars.  Block the spars and those two ribs up with pins so they
 cannot move. Install the rear spar, the trailing edge parts, and the leading edge.  Then align and tack in all the other #2 ribs.  The rear spar extension and
 the main spar tip extensions are next, then slide on the #3 and #4 ribs.

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