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Chester Chaplaskie's Thunder Bird 45

The Thunderbird is a bit more complex to build.  It has a unique shape to the nose with a double taper on the bottom that took a while to simplify without
losing any of the shape.  Interlocking ply parts keep everything symmetrical in that area in this kit.  It was all stick construction on the original plans.  Both
 1/2A and outrunner motor installations are detailed on the plans and laser cut parts are provided for both.  The airplane has great looks that are
much like an airplane from the late thirties.  It is a good size for 1/2A competition.   It needed no ballast to balance properly for flight with 1/2A power.

Plan area                                     268.5  
Plan span                                        44.5
Projected area                            263.46
Aspect Ratio 7.51                    t/c 14.4

Tail Area                                          58.15
Minimum weight for 1/2A Texaco is 14.9 ounces

The plans are detailed with building notes and show every part.  Plans are $15 plus postage.  Laser cut partial kits are available
for $40 plus postage.  Only strip wood and sheet balsa will need to be added, all shaped parts are included in the partial kit.

Recently the USPS has made another major increase in postage costs.  To allow me to quote the cost of postage please contact
me at with your address and I will calculate the actual postage.  

Thunder Bird Building Photos and Notes

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