Golden Era Model Service
High Quality Plan Sets for Radio Control Aircraft
74 inch San JosŤ
A 1948 design by Antonio Arria
Developed from the free flight plan by Alfredo HerbÚn

The subject of the 2016 SAM 21 One Design Contests.

Plan Span 74.0154 (1880 mm)  Plan Area 827.5  AR 6.62
Wing Chord 11.8135  Projected Span  72.4944   Projected Area 813.014
Horizontal Tail and elevator area area 252.6  Elevator is 12.6%of H. Tail area

Total projected  lifting area  1065.6 sq. in.
Rudder area 9.67   17% of fixed area  Fin Area 25.4  Sub Rudder 20.5  
Total fixed area 45.9   Total Area 55.6

A section of the San JosŤ plan.
The resolution of the drawings is much higher on the actual plan which is printed on my HP 500 plotter.  
Converting them to images that can be displayed on the web results in wider lines.

The price for the San Jose plans is $25 and parts are $80.00 plus postage.

To allow me to quote the cost of postage please contact me at with your address and I will calculate the actual postage.  

San JosŤ Building Photos and Notes

Link to Plan update pdf's (2/5/2016 under construction, not active yet)

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