Golden Era Model Service
High Quality Plan Sets for Radio Control Aircraft
36 inch 1940 Cleveland Playboy Senior
Joe Elgin 80 inch design

Wing assembly.  The lower spar root end is on the plan centerline.  The upper spar will be even with a line on the plan slightly outboard
of the centerline.  I preshaped the leading edge on a small table saw.  At least the bottom edge should be at the proper angle so it will
 sit flat on the plan.  The bottom and mid spars are installed.  The first rib on  the left is smaller for sheeting so it does not rest on the 
plan. Light and soft balsa is necessary on all the strip wood here.  Obviously it saves weight but is also easier to work.

Tip spar and wing tips being installed.  The tips are laminated and the joins are not in the same place.  First join each layer into one part
top and bottom.  They are easy to form into shape by putting them in place and gluing them to the attach points before you glue the top
 and bottom layers together.  The main spar tip and the rear spar will define the curve.   Run thin CA in around the edges to bind the layers.

The turbulator spars being installed.  The rear one is just sitting on top at this time.  It and the one just underneath are best 
pressed in at the same time on each rib to avoid stressing the 1/32 ribs, one finger above and one below, no fingers on the ribs.  

I use a small twisted wire with a very small fork at the end to hold and transfer thin CA from the depression in the bottom of the medicine cup to the part being
attached.  The fork will clog up after a while and the glue in the cup will get thick sooner than you think.  Wipe the glue off with a paper towel and replace it,
and cut the end off of the wire and make a new fork.   Seems obvious but it took me a while to learn how soon it should be done.  TAP Plastics has the cups.

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