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36 inch 1940 Cleveland Playboy Senior
Joe Elgin 80 inch design

The Playboy in any form is a great flyer.  I did this one for the SAM 36 inch electric replica class.  It exactly duplicates the 80 inch structure,
just because I thought that would be fun.  The laser cut partial kit is very comprehensive, with all the spars for the horizontal tail, shear webbing,
and all of the tiny gussets.  The ribs in the prototype are 1/32 balsa but they are 1/16 in the partial kit.  1/32 ribs are available if you request them.
Because of the precision of laser cutting it is not that hard to build it with the 1/32 ribs. 
The prototype is powered with an E-Flight Park 180 motor and a Thunderbird 10 speed control.
  Type            Span            Wing Area
Plan            36 9/16             165.93
              Straight Wing      36                   163.12                       
Polyhedral        35 5/8             159.43      
Tail Area  36.05
AR 7.95    t/c 10.2      

The flying weight of the prototype with 250 mah battery is 4.7 ounces.  No FAA registration required!

The plans are detailed with building notes and show every part.  Plans are $20 plus postage.  Laser
cut partial kits are available for $45 plus postage.  Strip wood and sheet balsa will need to be added .

Recently the USPS has made another major increase in postage costs.  To allow me to quote the cost of postage please contact
me at with your address and I will calculate the actual postage.  

A section of the Playboy 36 plan.
The resolution of the drawings is much higher on the actual plan which is printed on my HP 500 plotter.  
Converting them to images that can be displayed on the web results in wider lines.

Playboy 36 Building Photos and Notes

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