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Building photos of the Modelcraft Commando

This is the Thunder Bird 45 wing but I use the same method to join the Commando wing halves.  Alignment marks are on the plan (in red).  I got the
right triangles from Orchard Supply and drilled holes for T-pins on the base flanges.  You will get a lot of help from the ply wing joiners
if you have accurately positioned the W3 ribs, they should butt up to the joiners and establish the proper dihedral angle automatically.  
You will have to trim the W2 ribs to clear the joiners.  The spar ends are tapered to 11.45 degrees or so.  Once the wings are joined you
can accurately shape the center area of the leading edge.  The name for the square is Swanson Speedlite Square,
mine are 8 inch but they also are available in 12 inch sizes.

Rear spar doubler construction

Completed fuselage half.  To ease construction I use a digital caliper to cut the crossmembers and verticals.  There is a table on the
plan giving all the dimensions.  As you can see all the longerons are straight so it is easy to keep the fuselage true.  When the first side is complete,
put Saran Wrap over it and build the second half right on top.  Use thin CA when assembling the halves, putting in on with the twisted wire.
 If the wire end gets clogged just cut it shorter, reform the small fork and go again.  When the entire fuselage is framed up, go over
all joints with Sigment or similar.

Cutting crossmembers to length on the 36 inch Playboy.  Harbor Freight has the digital caliper at low cost.  The saw is a JLC
saw available from UMM USA. Link here:   The blade is very thin, resulting in very accurate cuts.  

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