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Building photos of the Modelcraft Commando

The laser cut ribs have feet that are removed after assembly so rib alignment is easy.  The trailing edge has been notched to receive the
ribs and the ribs are loosely slid over the spars.   Although this photo shows plain ends on the spars it is easier to bevel them first and
align them with the lines indicated on the plan for the spar ends.  Once the spars are located and the W2 rib is in proper position, tack
glue it and fix its position with pins on both sides.  Do the same at the tip rib and then align and tack glue the other ribs.  
W1 ribs are installed after the wing center is built.   Use thin CA very sparingly for tack gluing.

Leading edge and wing tip are attached and shaped except at the root end.  Wing tip is installed, trailing edge installed.  Front edge
of trailing edge is raised up to match ribs with back edge resting on building board.  Rib feet have been removed.  Shear webbing is installed.  
All joints have been glued with Sigment or thick CA except shear webbing where thin CA is used, gluing from the inside of the spars.

Method of applying thin CA.  Small wire is twisted, leaving a small fork at the end.  CA is dipped from a small container.  
I use an upside down medicine cup from TAP plastics, the CA rests in a small dimple.  The parts should never stick to the plan
or cover done like this, nor will glue run to the bottom of parts. 
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