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Carl Goldberg's 1938 Comet Clipper

Gluing complete on the inner wing section.  Slip the lower main and rear spars in at this point and hot glue them to the spar fence, but do not glue them in to the ribs yet. 

Setting the length of the lower main spar.  Place the 1/4" balsa outer main spar up against rib #10 and mark the spar at the location of the step on the bottom of the balsa spar.

Next mark the top spar where the angle changes on the top of the balsa spar, and cut the spars at the marks.  I cut them a shade long and sanded them while trail fitting the balsa spar in place against the #10 rib.

Use the same procedure on the rear spars.

The outer spars are in place but not glued.

The #11 rib is put in place to test the fit, not glued..

With the two outer main spars removed from the inner wing section, the remaining ribs are slid on in approximate position.  As with the inner wing section,
this will be easier with some prefitting of the ribs to make for just a slight looseness in the fits.   If any of the feet become separated at this step, reattach
them with a balsa strip 1/4" wide with the grain vertical, tack glued to the rib and base.  See the inset picture lower right.

Clipper Mk II Building Photos and Notes

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