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High Quality Plan Sets for Radio Control Aircraft
Carl Goldberg's 1938 Comet Clipper

                            As in construction of the fin, the elevator spars are attached to the stabilizer rear spar by spot gluing 1/32 balsa in between.

                            The perimeter parts were first assembled over the plan with the 1/4 inch parts flat on the plan and the 3/16 parts shimmed up 1/32".  
                            Next, .277 shims were placed under the 3/16 parts, .246 shims under the 1/4 inch leading edge parts, a 3/16 shim under the center of the stabilizer rear
                            spar in the area relieved for the 1/16 lower sheeting, and finally a .146 shim under the center of the stabilizer front spar.  These shims are next to the fin
                            shims on the 1/4 inch balsa laser cut sheet.  The two spars were then attached to the perimeter.  It might be well to shim up under the front spar with

                            whatever fits at some points along the taper when adding the ribs.  There are two in this photo.

                            The upper 1/16 X 1/4 ribs are installed.  Try to use balsa of the same stiffness throughout so the stabilizers and elevators keep a symmetrical shape.

                      The top center balsa sheeting is installed next.

                            The lower ribs are next installed, and the elevator ends, from scrap 1/8 balsa.  

                            The fin has been fit to the stabilizer top sheet.  The fin was laid sideways across the stabilizer, with the aft side of the fin front spar even with the
                            front face of the stabilizer main spar.  An Exacto knive was used to lightly score the cut lines, being careful not to bend the fin's aft spar
                            when making those scores.   After that, calipers were used to measure from the sides, taking dimensions from the plans.  The side cuts were made
                            with the knife, and then the cross cuts were made.  

                            The fin spars were then boxed in with scrap 1/8 balsa, being careful to not get glue on the spars, then the fin was removed and final gluing was done.

                            The boxes are sanded down to fair with the bottom sheeting's eventual place.

Clipper Mk II Building Photos and Notes

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