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Carl Goldberg's 1938 Comet Clipper

                            All the glue applied to this point has been small amounts of CA just to tack the joints in place.  Once free of the trestles,
                            Tightbond III  is liberally applied with a brush to all of the joints.

                            Goldberg used 1/4 balsa for the leading edge of the fin, and 3/16 for the trailing edge and rudder, so 1/32 shims are placed under the 3/16 parts
                            when assembling the perimeter.  A bridge was glued on to make the rudder trailing edge continuous with the fin during assembly.  Note the
                            balsa key in the front fin join, included in the laser cut parts next to the parts for the fuselage front trestle sides.

                            To align the rudder spar during assembly, it is spot glued to the fin aft spar with 1/32 shims placed in three places between the parts.

                      The ribs are 1/16 X 1/4 balsa, pick some fairly stiff pieces at least for the bottom ribs.  It might also be a wise idea to put 1/16 balsa
                           spacers between the ribs in mid span areas.  Taper the ends as shown to mate with the leading and trailing edge parts.

                            There are shims (.144") on the 1/4 balsa sheet of laser cut parts near the right end to place under the fin 1/4 inch parts.  Add 1/32 balsa to the ones
                            placed under the 3/16 parts, and the thin one (.049") under the base of the front fin spar.  The thin one for the fin spar base is not in this photo.

                            Second side assembled using the same shim placement.   The rudder upper rib has also been installed, from scrap 1/8 balsa.

                            The assembled parts sanded out.

                            The parts separated out.  The rudder front spar will later be sanded to a round shape.  There is a lower fin rib to be installed when the fin is
                            assembled to the horizontal stabilizer.  It is in the laser cut parts.

Clipper Mk II Building Photos and Notes

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