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Carl Goldberg's 1938 Comet Clipper

                            The longerons are over 36 inches long so unless you have 48 inch stock they will have to be spliced.  It is probably better to splice the upper longerons
                            anyway as a good transition from straight  at the front to curved aft of the wing mount is easier to get that way.  The front section was sliced and then
                            glued on below the aft section.   Sanding will make everything good later.

                            A way to get a good splice joint on the lower longerons.  The hardwood block serves as a holding tool and a backup so the balsa sticks won't bend as
                            they are pressed against the wheel sander.  

                        The left hand is holding the balsa sticks against the hardwood block while the right hand presses the block against the sanding disk.

                            The finished ends, with the angle and  the length identical.  Be careful to hold the hardwood block flat against the sanding disk table so the finshed
                            edges are perpendicular to the side of the sticks.

A length of aluminum angle is a good tool to ensure straight joins when splicing longerons.

                            Plastic wrap covers the aluminum angle to prevent sticking and with glue applied to the joint the sticks are joined and clamped.

Clipper Mk II Building Photos and Notes

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