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High Quality Plan Sets for Radio Control Aircraft
Carl Goldberg's 1938 Comet Clipper

                   The servo mounting plate.  HiTech HS-225MG servos were used.

                                Spruce stiffeners and hole reinforcements added to the bottom of the plate.


                            A control horn was cut from 1/16 G10/FR4 laminate (circuit board material) and installed in the rudder, blocked in by scrap balsa sanded to blend with the rudder.

                            Another view.  The holes for the clevises should line up wiht the pivot pin in the rudder.

                            A 3/16 carbon fiber tube was used to make a rudder push rod.  2-56 threaded wire was inserted in the end with a 90 degree bend that extended through a hole drilled 1 inch from the end of the tube  to lock it in place.  A channel was ground on the opposite side of the tube which allowed the wire to be inserted.  The  inserted wire and channel was filled with gel CA and wrapped with carbon fiber tow secured with thin  CA.  The rudder bellcrank connectors are made from brass rod ends soldered to small wire terminal ends that have had the insulation removed.  Kevlar thread will be used for a pull pull rudder control.

                           1/64 ply plate for the rudder cable exits.

                            Another view.

Clipper Mk II Building Photos and Notes

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