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Carl Goldberg's 1938 Comet Clipper

                   The landing is clamped on the fuselage and the assembly is checked for level.  Then the landing gear is CA'd to the firewall.

                                   Holes were drilled and the landing gear was secured with .032 safety wire.  Place the top wire at the inside corner of the top bends.  It will be necessary to drill through the front fuselage verticals, and basswood reinforcements should be added as shown in the next photos.


                            Basswood reinforcements.

                            The motor mount parts with 4-40 blind nuts installed.

                              The cowl installed over the landing gear and motor mount.   The wide mount does have the advantage of fitting a larger speed control inside it behind the motor, but it is necessary to grind down the  upper forward corners for the cowl to clear.

                           Making the second bend.

                            The balsa supports on the upper cowl need to be ground down also.  Once the cowl is built they are not needed.  Note also the scallop cut in the lower aft cowl.  This makes
it possible to connect the battery to the speed control, after which the wiring can be pushed up into the cowl.  A 1/64 ply scrap was used to stiffen the lower cowl in that area,
laminated on the inside surface.

Clipper Mk II Building Photos and Notes

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