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Carl Goldberg's 1938 Comet Clipper

                   The top view with the balsa scraps installed and shaped. The aft cowl support balsa has also been tapered to fit hte cowl contour.

Assembled and sanded, jig still installed.

  The jig has been removed.  Later the aft cowl support ply will be sanded to shape.

.6 ounce glass cloth and epoxy resin will be the final step, followed by paint.

First step in forming the landing gear.  Note the tape on the upper part, this is where the bend begins.

The K&S Might Wire Bending tool works well.  Place the  edge of the tape on the center of the mandrel.

                           Making the second bend.

                            The completed landing gear.  Make the forward bend, then the last step is the axe bend.

Clipper Mk II Building Photos and Notes

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