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High Quality Plan Sets for Radio Control Aircraft
Carl Goldberg's 1938 Comet Clipper

The 1/8 X 3/8 balsa side stringers.  Lacking 48 inch strips, 36 inch strips were insalled and the remaing lengths were splized on at the aft end.  After installation they were shaped to taper at the aft end per the plan top view, and to fair with the front fuselage 1/16 ply former..

The 3/32 ply firewall istalled with 5 minute epoxy.

These parts are  for a jig to assemble the cowl.  They can be downloaded as a pdf and printed at this link: cowl jig.pdf 
Templates for the 1/64 ply cowl parts can be downloaded here: cowl templates.pdf

The jig parts and the aft cowl 1/32 ply are assembled, with the front ply cowl ring resting on top.  Tack the 1/8 balsa jig parts to the aft 1/32 ply part, but do not glue the front cowl ring to the jig, it just rests on it during construction.  I cut out hte clearance for the motor mount here, but it is better to not do that until the cowl is assembled.

The 3/16 balsa cowl supports are installed, and the basla front cowl parts.  Don't glue the front parts to the jig.

                          The side 1/64 ply is installed, and 1/8 X 3/8 balsa has been glued to the 1/64 ply and shaped to receive the top and bottom ply parts.

                            The bottom ply installed.  I left the aft end a bit curved to allow cooling air to flow.

Clipper Mk II Building Photos and Notes

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