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Carl Goldberg's 1938 Comet Clipper

The spars are mated and glued together.  The leading and trailing edges are being installed.

The main and rear spar joints were reinforced with carbon fiber tow, top and bottom.

The ply joiner plates are installed at the center section.  Epoxy used here.  Be sure to get the doublers centered well as the #2 ribs rest against the #1 and #3 spar doublers.

Installing the ply plates on the first and third tip spars.  Note the shape cut on the outer leading edge front plate and that the inner front plate runs past the center of rib #11.

Leading edge clamping.  Titebond III was used for this join.

The center leading edge 1/8" balsa doubler.  When making the one piece wing only one center #1 rib is used.  If the panels are joined with the tips elevated as done here, the foot from the #1 rib is removed before installation of the rib.

                           Shaping the trailing edge at the tip.  The polyhedral section is held flat on the table with the section of trailing edge being sanded is on the edge of the work surface.

                            Another view.

Clipper Mk II Building Photos and Notes

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