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Henry Struck's 1937 Benny Boxcar in 47 inch span

Starting the wing assembly.   Note the shim inder the lower spar which is .145 inches thick.  A couple of these will insure that the lower spar is flush
with the lower surface of the ribs.  The end of the lower spar is flush with the inside of rib 3, the root end is blocked in place with the spar alignment jig.

The spar alignment jig with both spars in place.  Thr Rib 1's are not installed until after the wings are joined.

Ribs assembled to spars, tack glued with small amounts of CA.  The tip spar is also installed at this time.   I find a twisted
length of wire is a good way to apply the glue, a small amount of which is held on the bottom of a plastic medicine cup.

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