Golden Era Model Service
High Quality Plan Sets for Radio Control Aircraft
Henry Struck's 1937 Benny Boxcar

Here you can see by doing the lower main spars the way I did It was easy to make a lap joint on the lower spar.
 Not really necessary with the plywood spar splice plates that are about to go on.


Installing the center section ribs.

      The sheeted and capstripped wing.
       For gluing I used thin CA for tacking parts, then the Titebond III
       on the Boxcar.  I often use Sigment in place of the Titebond.


       My thin CA glue applicator.  I get the medicine cups from TAP Plastics
       and keep a small amount of glue in the bottom depression.  The applicator
       is twisted brass wire with a fork on the end.  When it gets clogged up
       I just cut it shorter and make a new fork.

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