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Henry Struck's 1937 Benny Boxcar

Tip spar, trailing edge, rear spars, and tip parts all installed.  The trailing edge is notched for the ribs.  I have a little square file just the right width to make the notches.

View from the end of the wing.  The original plan gave no guidance on the front profile of the tip.  This shape is easy to cover as the top profile is straight
and you don't have to use a separate piece of covering at the tip.  On the bottom the undercamber makes it easy too.  And I think it is prettier.

Assembling the wing panels.  Note the sticks between the triangles and the wing, spanning the chord and resting against feet on the ribs.  
The leading edge should not be used for alignment as it is not in the right plane.  The name for the square is Swanson Speedlite Square,
mine are 8 inch but they also are available in 12 inch sizes.

Fitting all the center parts and gluing the second side of the inner spar splice.  I did lap joints on the rear spars.  
Be sure to keep the rear spars straight when you make the cut and when they are glued or rib fit issues will arise.

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