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Henry Struck's 1937 Benny Boxcar

Here the spars and ribs are assembled loosely.  If the spars are the right size everything should fit tight without glue while you are placing the parts.  
Bob Holman fixtures (  are used to hold the ribs in position and vertical, the lower spar is aligned with the reference line on the
plan and the upper spar is even with the wing centerline.  Once you are happy with the spar positions tack glue the first rib shown with thin CA.
  In this photo the lower spar is still flat on the plan but it should be pulled up in to all the ribs before any are glued.  
There are "feet" on all the ribs that rest on the plan so if your building board is true the wing will be also.

Ribs are tack glued, tip spar is ready to be installed.

I had extra long spar stock left over from another project and I did not cut it to length on this wing panel until I installed the center splice part.
 The V of the bottom of the center splice was lined up over the mark for the lower spar and the spar was later cut to the V.  The other wing panel
had the spar lined up with the mark.  With laser cut parts the spar splices pretty much define the dihedral angle of the wing.  It was pretty
  much an experiment to do it as in this photo but it worked well.  Probably better though just to have the spars in the right spot over the plan.

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