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Henry Struck's 1937 Benny Boxcar

The Benny Boxcar was an early Struck design and was not presented in plan form until much later.  It is a great flyer and builds light.  The model pictured, is
powered by a 480 size electric system and weighs 40 ounces with a 2200 mah 3 cell LiPo battery.  It handles high power very well and has a very flat glide.

Wing Area 713 sq in
4.95 sq ft
min wt at 8 oz  39.6 oz, 2 # 7.6 oz.
Tail Area 206.6
Aspect Ratio 7.27
t/c 9.5

Weight of prototype with 2200 mah battery is 40 ounces.

The plans are detailed with building notes and show every part.  Plans are $25 plus postage.  Laser cut partial kits
are available for $65 plus postage.  Strip wood and sheet balsa will need to be added.  Postage is only charged
once for orders for both plans and parts.

Recently the USPS has made another major increase in postage costs.  To allow me to quote the cost of postage please contact
me at with your address and I will calculate the actual postage.  

Part of the plans for the Boxcar  

Boxcar Building Photos and Notes

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