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The Tlush Mite

Published in the May 1938 Air Trails
Designed by Francis Tlush
Original span 50 inches

The Mark II Mite 72.    Part of vertical fin removed and attached to the rudder, dihedral increased to 7°.

There was acceptable control in this configuration but I still felt like I was herding the airplane instead of flying it, and the structural qualities of the rudder were questionable.

The wing was again sawed in two and dihedral was increased to 9°.  The airplane now has very nice control response and is very stable if left alone.  It has a very 
low rate of sink, and stays aloft in very weak thermals.  Compared to the Boxcar or San Josč which have thinner airfoils it has less ability to penetrate into the wind.

Mite Mark III with 9° dihedral.

A photo of  similar composition to the previous one from the Air Trails article of Frank Tlush and the original Mite.  Compare the two,
 I think the dihedral angle is very close to the same.  Thanks to Mike Frint for manning the camera  (for the first photo, ha ha)

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