Certainly one of the cutest light planes ever built, the Dart was designed by Al Mooney for the Monocoupe company in the mid thirties. All but the first five airplanes built were built by the Dart Manufacturing Company, owned by Knight Culver and Al Mooney. The plans for this model were developed from the factory drawings supplied by Lloyd Washburn of the Dart Club, who is a good source of scale documentation. The plans are probably the most exact in scale that I have done.

The 1/3 scale plans are based on the 1/4 scale plans, with respect to outline and scale detail, but are much more extensive, totaling 121 square feet of plans, produced using Autocad, and benefit from the fact that I now own a full scale Dart which is being restored. The 1/3 scale plans were published in Giant Scale Models’ Spring 1995 issue. Through the use of the computer all parts have been checked for fit to much closer tolerances than you will be able to build to. Because of the 1/3 Scale Dart's size and complexity, I do not recommend it to the faint hearted builder!

The Dart is a capable acrobatic performer, although it must be coaxed into a spin just as the full scale counterpart required extra effort to enter a spin. Because of its low aspect ratio wing it will fly at very high angles of attack safely, and will make pretty three point landings without any fear of tip stalling. The 1/3 scale version is planned to use a Saito 325 or O.S. 300 Radial.

Scale: 1/3

Span: 118 inches

Wing Area: 2,630 sq in

Weight: 25-30 pounds

Plans: $85.00

Partial plans for the Dart are shown at right. Templates are drawn separately for all parts.



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