"Indeed it is a sad ending... however, most pilots would trade the F-84F for the F-84G anyday... horror stories abound."  
Josť Herculano

"Now that is a fact.   By the time I arrived in Unka Sam's Air Farce, the hog was pretty much gone.  My introduction to them was when a couple of Miss. ANG RF-84Fs showed up one day.   A buddy and I went down to Transit to look at and photograph 'em.  After looking them over and shooting some pictures, we turned to walk away.  One of them must not have liked us much.  It promptly dumped both drop tanks on the ground!   No one anywhere near them, and they had arrived that way, with the tanks attached (??).  Since they only dropped about a foot or so, no big catastrophe occurred.  One tank cracked a bit and spilled fuel all over under the plane.  Needless to say the fire guys got to make a run, and the two somewhat embarrassed jocks didn't get to go home the next day as planned.  They waited until a new set of tanks arrived."  

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