From Kent Kaiser: "The pictures are all from my dad's collection. He was CDR. Dean E. Kaiser and died in a
VF-53 Gator, side # 201 in the Gulf of Tonkin in June of 1970. All of the Crusader shots are of him in at least one of the aircraft pictured. The three plane VF-62 shot has Paul Gillcrist in the lead plane, unk in middle, Dad in trail. The CVW-5 shots (A-4, A-3, F-8) were taken on Oct. 2 1969, armed recon mission over NVN. All were taken by RF-8s from VFP-62, pilot unk (VF-62 shots) or VFP-63, pilot Joe Klugg, who also died in SEA, for the VF-53 shots.

This and the next seven pages are in memory of US Navy CDR Dean E. Kaiser

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