Civilian F-8
Folks, the only civilian MigMaster that I know of.  A fairly robust history and tales with this airplane can be found, I am told.  I do know that one of the all time most respected Crusader jocks passed away and his memorial service was held at Miramar.  People were wondering why the recently resigned ex-CO of the base wasn't at his buddies funeral.  (Larry "Hoss" Pierson, ex-Blue Angels CO, old time F-8 jock kinda got himself into trouble over (this with) the base legal officer).

The ceremony went on, the Tomcats came in with a very tight missing man. Slightly behind them, a growing whine was heard.  In a flash, an F-8 appeared and gave it's own final salute to a fallen jock.
Never heard much more about it, who flew it, or whether the pilot had anywings left when he arrived back in Central CA, but have heard rumors ever since that day.
Steve Tobey (Hmmmm, isn't that a Thunderbird on the tail? And TB, as in To-Bey)
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