Norm. "Note the interior color of that thing.  It is metallic sky blue.Every 106 in the Montana Air Guard had the same
wild blue interior, and rugs on the rudder troughs.  Those things were absolutely spotless.This was long before the
information on Risk stuff was readily available.The B model was really wild.  For years I had a couple of Monogram
birds and the Falcon conversion.  All that blue interior on the two seater would have made one hell of a model.  But
hell, I can't get to the 1/72nd stuff I want to do.Why did they do that??  A couple of the jocks, and two or three
of the crewchiefs said it was because it absolutely put the regular Air Force establishment into orbit. Rumor had it
that the reason they did not win one of the William Tell meets they entered was because of those interiors.".

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