Aw hell, why not.  Not a great pic compositionally, but it IS C-stoff, and someone else wanted to see it so I'll show you
guys too, in case ya hain't seen it.   Monogram GMBH F-104 kit #74015 in "Gruppo Tigre" markings:  a really beautiful
decal!!  Here's a scan of the decal, and a pic of my build-up.  Done quite a few years ago, so my building skills weren't
what they will be in as many years from now, but I scratched the e-bay, much of the cockpit including under the windscreen,
etc.  I have another copy of the kit (viz decals) and I want to really get this stunning paint job RIGHT.   I wonder if these
decals could be copied down to 1/72?

Ken Durling

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