Hawker Tempest


Matchbox/Lesney/AMT/(Revell Germany?) Tempest II/VI Box Art


The Story Behind the Kit, From Ted Taylor:

John, Lesney was the name of the company and was made up from the names of two of the owners.  Matchbox was a trade name 
of Lesneys and we owned the AMT Corporation at that time.  The box you refer to was by way of an experiment, we boxed the same 
kit in two boxes, one AMT and one Matchbox to see which one sold best in America.  I recall walking into a model store, 
I think in San Francisco in 1980, and seeing the two piles next to each other on the shelf.   The AMT was nearly OOS 
while the Matchbox pile remained untouched, needless to say that was the end of the experiment. ...Aaaah,Matchbox...

Revell got all the moulds from us that weren't destroyed in SE Asia


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