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High Energy Particle Physics and US

Mixed Media - 16 inches by 20 inches

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High Energy Particle Physics and US
Good afternoon, interested parties:

Please take a moment to view my new painting, "High Energy Particle Physics And Us" while listening to the scanned and recorded sounds of the colors of this painting. This is a new project, never before achieved, to our knowledge. This is track 6 of 6, total length of the 6 tracks is about 11 minutes. Sounds that you might not have noticed, although they are all around all of the time...vibrating you. I am happy to answer any questions.

Thank you so much for your time.
Marianne Ryan (Mís.)

New Nation Under God Particle

Another Look at Particle Physics

New Works by Marianne Ryan

The following is a sample of the work previously exhibited by Marianne Ryan at the CERN. The following are her words on the matter:

In most of humankind, within a life span, there occurs a facet of time when the inner strengths, often unspoken, often unrecognized are thrust unexpectedly into action causing a person to unwittingly accelerate physical and mental properties. The individual capacity to exceed the ordinary limitations of human endeavor is startling, stunning and without explanation: extraordinary. Within the spirit of some, there resides a force, an unyielding taskmaster, compelling and relentless, beckoning, pushing and pulling at once, propelling the willing to go beyond mediocrity, to extend capability, to reach farther and farther without regard.

In recognition and for the love of this phenomena, I address my efforts and the use of my materials.

Marianne Ryan (Mís.)

Marianne Ryan creating her artwork

New Nation Under God Particle is a suite of work based on the experiment at CERN in Switzerland. The physicists and engineers are looking back to the earliest of times in the heavens, looking back to the really old world.

I have looked again at the earliest of mankindís thoughts; the moments when mankind began to realize that thought and reason presented options and choices.

The simple act of standing a stick in the ground, to see a vertical object casting a shadow, introduced the concept of measurement, the movement of light that then noted the passing of time. Distinctions could be made. Judgment occurs, judgment arrives without invitation. Mastery of time then became essential, as did the effort to govern reason.
NW NW Before
NW by Marrianne Ryan MW before by Marrianne Ryan
The erection of a vertical object defines a space and suggests measurement of time.

NE NE Before
NE by Marrianne Ryan NE before by Marrianne Ryan
The use of an object is recognized as a tool for achievement. Interaction and dependency between objects and mankind becomes progress.

SE SE Before
SE by Marrianne Ryan SE before by Marrianne Ryan
Vertical objects invite the notion of placing a top piece, thus becoming a shelter providing protection.

SW SW Before
SW by Marrianne Ryan SW before by Marrianne Ryan
Raising a drawn circle from the ground to a vertical position then encouraged mankind to utilize the inner circular spaces as tunnels, domes, arches and finally, cantilever.

Center Earli e r
Center by Marrianne Ryan Earli e r before by Marrianne Ryan
Having seen all seasons, mankind is able to step out in to a recognizable order, to an alignment of effort and hope for the sake of comfort and convenience. Hallelujah!

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